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Mexico Northbound

Mexican Exporters / Importers can take advantage of our wide arrange of services in the USA or Canada. Usually, when a small or medium sized company exports to the USA / Canada in small quantities, they experience high transportation costs (real and hidden):

  • Transportation company in the Mexican side.
  • Mexican Custom Broker for Export
  • Border Crossing.
  • US Custom Broker for Import
  • Transportation Company in the USA
  • If the final destination is Canada, then a Canadian Custom Broker and Canadian Transportation Company is required.

The above means reviewing at least 5 invoices, coordinating with 5 different companies for its final destination. The process gets more complicated if that company needs to distribute its products to different locations, either in pallets or small packages. No wonder why small and medium sized companies lose competitiveness in foreign markets.

Mexinco offers a one solution approach - ONE CONTACT & ONE INVOICE.   You just concentrate on your core business and we transport your products at the best cost and service.  We also provide Warehousing and Distribution so that companies can store and ship as they need them.  It works as if your company had a Distribution Center in the USA.


Mexinco starts operations in San Antonio, TX.



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